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15 September 2007 @ 05:41 pm

K, so I got my hair done. And it's all fine and dandy and i like it. But it costed me $95 which is dumb cause that's expensive and I'm a cheapo. But I was fine with it ya know. THAT'S JUST THE PRICE FOR LOOKING BEAUTIFUL.

so I got home(after sitting in a chair for 3 hours D:) and wanted to let my hamster run around in the little ball thing. While I'm trying to get him out of his cage the other one bites me and I start to bleed. I clean it up and everything is alright again.
So anyways, while he was running around I figured I would take a picture of myself and my fab new hair and a picture of him because he is adorable.
but then my camera wasn't turning on. So I just figure that the batteries are dead cause I did use it a little this morning. I change them and then my camera goes on but the screen is all black and it is not responding to anything.

I figure that it might just be the crappy batteries and change them again. And then it doesn't go on at all. I keep fiddling with it and it goes on(still with the whole not responding thing and all). After that it wouldn't even turn off and is now stuck like that.

I have declared it officially broken now. I started checking out the warranty(which is over now), and as I did I realised the door to the basement was left open, and that my hamster now has an oppurtunity to go down the stairs. And of course JUST as I realise that I hear him tumbling down the stairs and am too late to be able to stop him. I rush down the stairs and he is quite shaken up but nothing seemed to be broken and he wasn't dead. which was good. So yeah, that probably took like a year off of his life and scarred him forever.

In short: I almost killed my hamster, I am down $100, my $270 camera is broken, and my finger hurts. OH JOYOUS DAYS.
will probably buy a new camera tomorrow. thank goodness I've been saving money.

and I have decided not to do my homework. it is dumb and I don't want to.
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